2019 Jazz Jam with Tony & Pete Levin

Songs - Charts & MP3 download links

July 16, 2019

These are the songs we'll be doing this year; they're in alphabetical order, not in set list order.  The set list will be on the TOAPP sign-up sheet.

Clicking on a blue title will let you download a compressed ZIP folder containing an MP3 of the song and a printable 8.5x11 chart in PDF format. In some cases, there are multiple charts with the melodies transposed for different instruments - Bb, Eb, etc. 

Downloads are from Citrix/Sharefile, a very secure download site.  No password is required.  Download requests are all logged as "anonymous" - no personal info is needed or taken.

If you have trouble or are unable to open a ZIP folder,
email me and we'll get you straight.  Pete



ALL BLUES G (Miles Davis)
3/4 swing, 12-bar blues form slightly different chords

ALL THE THINGS YOU ARE - Ab/Fm (standard - Chet Baker here)
Straight ahead swing.  Could be a vocal

DO IT AGAIN - G minor (Steely Dan)
Boogaloo or Latin - changes not difficult

GREEN ONIONS - F  (Booker T)
Shuffle, simple Blues
Recorded melody is on organ.  Suggest that everybody play the lead - horns, guitars, etc.  Download includes transposed charts.

JACK OF SPEED - D minor (Steely Dan)
This is the Levin Brothers instrumental arrangement in D minor.
The original recording is in F# minor and is much more "pop"

LITTLE SUNFLOWER D minor (Freddie Hubbard)
Straight 8ths Latin.  32-bar form with 2 chords

LUSH LIFE - Db  (Billy Strayhorn)
Standard ballad
(This recording: Many better singers have recorded this tune, but its interesting listening to the composer sing and play it.)

MERCY MERCY MERCY B flat (Joe Zawinul/Cannonball Adderly)
Medium rock.  Complex form, but not difficult
* 7/15/19 Charts in the wrong format were accidentally included in the ZIP folder and uploaded for this.  That's been corrected in this new download link.

MOONDANCE A minor (Van Morrison)
Straight-ahead medium swing

*This could be a vocal

ODE TO BILLIE JOE  - D  (Bobbie Gentry)
Deb Mastelotto's arrangement

SUMMERTIME A minor (Gershwin: Gil Evans/Miles Davis version)
Straight-ahead medium swing
*This could be a vocal

TAKE FIVE Eb minor (Dave Brubeck)
Swing in 5/4.  Simple 2 chord vamp for solos, tricky bridge

THE CHICKEN - Bb (Jaco Pastorius/Maceo Parker)
Funk/Rock - great horns lead


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