2023 Jazz Jam with Tony & Pete Levin

Songs - Charts & MP3 download links

May 21, 2023

Possible songs for the jazz jam set this year.  Clicking on a blue title will give you a link to download a ZIP folder containing an MP3 of the song and a printable 8.5x11 chart in PDF format.  In some cases, there are multiple charts with the melodies transposed for different instruments - C, Bb, Eb, etc.  When the page opens up, look for a 'download' icon on the right side.

Several songs would be great for horns.  It would be great to know there will be several horn players there.  If you're planning on that, post it on the FaceBook TOAPP page.  Start a thread.

Several songs could have vocals.  We'll try to work several of those in, but we can't do too many.  Here, the standard keys are listed next to each title.  If someone is going to sing, the key is negotiable.  email or FB message me.

 Based on interest and response, this list will be pared down to 14 songs.  We'll make a set list out of those.  Then the set list will go on a sign-up sheet.  By request, there are a few repeats from previous years.

If you have trouble or are unable to open a ZIP folder,
email me and I'll get you straight.  Pete

Downloads are from Citrix/Sharefile, a high-security file transfer site.  No password is required.
Downloads are logged as "anonymous" - no personal info is needed or taken.



A NIGHT IN TUNISIA - Dm (Dizzy Gillespie)

AFRO BLUE - Fm (Mongo Santamaria)
6/8 African groove - percussionists and horns welcome!

AIN'T GOT NOTHIN' BUT THE BLUES - C (Ella Fitzgerald & Duke Ellington)

ALL BLUES - G (Miles Davis)
Slow Jazz Waltz

ANA MARIA - G (Wayne Shorter)

BEAUTY & THE BEAST - F/Am (Wayne Shorter)

Latin / Jazz Standard

BLUES - in F or E, negotiable, depending on whether there are guitars or horns

CANTALOUPE ISLAND - Fm  (Herbie Hancock)
straight 8th boogaloo

CISSY STRUT - C (The Meters)
Instrumental funk - need horns!

CRY ME A RIVER - Cm (Ella Fitzgerald)

DON'T GET AROUND MUCH ANY MORE - C (Natalie Cole/Duke Ellington)

FOOTPRINTS - Cm (Wayne Shorter)


LITTLE WING - Em (Jimi Hendrix)
Could be vocal

LITTLE WING - Em (Sting & Gil Evans)
Could be vocal

LUSH LIFE - Db (Johnny Hartman & John Coltrane/Billy Strayhorn)

MAIDEN VOYAGE - D (Herbie Hancock)

MERCY MERCY - Bb (Cannonball Adderly)
Gospel Funk (great for horns)

MOANIN' - F (Art Blakey)
Could be a vocal.  Look up Lambert Hendricks & Ross version.

MOONDANCE - Am (Van Morrison)

MY FUNNY VALENTINE - Cm (Chaka Khan/standard)
(Hundreds have recorded this.  Chaka is amazing!)

SIDEWINDER - Eb (Lee Morgan)

SO WHAT - Dm (Miles Davis)

ST. THOMAS - C (Sonny Rollins)

SUMMERTIME - Dm (Gershwin/ Miles Davis & Gil Evans)
Jazz Standard.  This is a medium swing groove.

TAKE 5 - Fm (Dave Brubeck)

WATERMELON MAN - F (Herbie Hancock)


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