* Working the phones and watching to see how 2021 unfolds. I've got both vaccination shots, but that doesn't mean much when it comes to international travel.  2022 looks more likely.  Meanwhile, the live gig scene is starting to open up.  Teri Roiger in May, Levin Brothers in June.  Working on the Fall. Until then, my live KB rigs are in storage and I'm living in my studio.  (See the "recent projects" list on the right).


Live gigs coming in!

May: Kingston, Pawling, Saratoga Springs, then recording with a new group "Sharp 5" with Teri Roiger & Nanny Assis
Stone Ridge, NY: Organ Trio with Mike DeMicco

June: The Levin Brothers in Pennsylvania & New York
Then, Paparozzi/Tropea/Levin/Marotta in Woodstock

Hoping to fill these spaces soon!