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Recorded during two days in December 2016 and released in 2017, Möbius presents 8 of Pete's original jazz/funk compositions and unique arrangements of 2 iconic jazz pieces by Thelonius Monk and Tony Williams.  The "live" studio performances were by a 7-piece all-star group of musicians that includes saxaphonist Alex Foster, drummer Lenny White, bassist Tony Levin, and percussionist Nanny Assis.

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Special Delivery: The Levin Brothers

The Levin Brothers Band, recorded in live performance over 3 days while touring the Northeast U.S. in the Spring of 2017.  Pete playing piano & organ, and Tony playing bass & cello, along with band regulars Erik Lawrence on sax and flute, and Jeff "Siege" Siegel on drums and percussion.  The album includes several tunes from their 2014 debut recording, as well as material they developed while touring, never recorded until now.  The new material includes arrangements of several contemporary compositions by well known pop and rock artists, done in the Levin Brothers "cool jazz" style.

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Levin Brothers

Pete & Tony Levin revisit their roots with this cool jazz album, inspired by and done in the style of classic jazz they listened to as kids. Released in 2014, the album has 16 melody-focused original tunes, many of them inspired by the recordings by bassist Oscar Pettiford in the 1950s. The Levins invited several stellar sidemen to join them for the recording - saxophonist Erik Lawrence, drummer Jeff "Siege" Siegel, guitarist David Spinozza, and a guest appearance by drummer Steve Gadd. Originally released by indy label Lazybones, the album is now in BMG Records' catalog. Available on CD and digital download. 

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Levin Brothers - vinyl, signed & numbered

A limited gold edition (1000) of the Levin Brothers 2014 album, individually signed and numbered by Pete & Tony.  The 12-inch gold vinyl LP, previously sold only at Levin Brothers live gigs, is now available on line directly from the Levin Brothers.  Included is a card to download the album in digital format.

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Pete's 2nd independent 2014 release features a high-energy organ trio set.  Along with Pete, 3 dynamic players make up the band - the brilliant guitarist Dave Stryker, iconic drummer Lenny White and dynamic percussionist Manolo Badrena. The trio of Pete, Dave and Lenny toured Europe twice and performed often in the Metropolitan New York area.

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Originally recorded for Alternate Mode Records for targeted niche marketing,  Pete re-programmed and remixed this album in 2010 for an independent release, collaborating with Jazz flautist Ali Ryerson. This textural adventure consists of 4 15-minute pieces, in which Ali does sensual improvisations on alto flute against a backdrop of Pete's lush electronic orchestrations.

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Iridium Live

Originally booked as an organ trio gig in 2012 with guitarist Dave Stryker and drummer Adam Nussbaum at the Iridium in NYC, Pete had been planning a tribute to Gil Evans project.  Accordingly, invited 3 Gil Evans alumni to the band to join them - Alex Foster on sax, Lew Soloff on trumpet, and John Clark on French horn.  It's a largely improvised set with dynamic performances from all 6 players.  The newly formed Iridium Live label folded its tents shortly afterwards.  This rare recording is only available through Pete on CDBaby.

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Certified Organic

Pete's first independent release, Certified Organic (2008) is a high-energy organ trio set - or as Pete liked to describe it, "This is not your father's organ trio!"  Each track features one of four great guitarists,  Joe Beck, John Cariddi, Jesse Gress and Mike DeMicco.  Harvey Sorgan rounds out the trios, along with percussionists Ken Lovelett and Ernie Colon.  Saxophonist Erik Lawrence appears on several tracks.  The trio with Cariddi and Sorgen toured the U.S and Europe.

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Deacon Blues

Pete's first album on the Motéma label (2008). The first of several albums on which Pete focused on the Hammond Organ, Deacon Blues is made up of expanded organ trios.  Anchored by drummer Danny Gottleb, there are two guitarists - Joe Beck and Mike Demicco - and two percussionists - Ken Lovelett and Carlos Valdez.  The band is joined on 4 tracks by Pete's brother, bassist Tony Levin.

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Party In The Basement

Pete's 1st solo album, done for Gramavision Records in 1989 was a tribute to Gil Evans, with whom Pete worked for 15 years. Much of the album is performed by an 8-piece all-star band - all alumni of the Gil Evans "Monday Night Orchestra.  Gramavision sold its catalog to Rykodisk in 1994. Party In The Basement went out of production in 1995. It is only available through Pete on CDBaby.

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A Solitary Man

Pete's 2nd solo album for Gramavision (1990) used a Weather Report-styled quintet featuring saxophonist Alex Foster, bassist Jeff Berlin, percussionist Manolo Badrena, and a then unknown drummer, Cliff Almond.  Guest musicians on the project include trumpeter Lew Soloff and trombonist Ray Anderson.  Gramavision sold its catalog to Rykodisk in 1994. Party In The Basement went out of production in 1995. It is only available through Pete on CDBaby.

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Masters In This Hall

Instrumental jazz treatments of 12 holiday favorites, each one a unique arrangement and orchestration that reflects the spirit and energy of the song. The arrangements, drawing style influences from jazz, gospel and classical music, are by Pete Levin and Danny Gottlieb, two veterans of the New York Jazz scene, both internationally known for their work with hundreds of jazz and pop artists. The rich textures of Pete's electronic realizations are combined with Danny's live drums and percussion. Originally released by Gramavision Records, Pete remixed and mastered the album in 2001. 

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GOP Party Monsters

Mission Accomplished!!  During the George W Bush era, Pete and comedian/writer Wayne Lammers put together this collection in 2004, spoofing the worst of the GOP bigwigs.  Although that bunch might seem tame compared to the current Trump era, it wasn't then. The album features musical sendups of Rush Limbaugh, Bill O'Reilly, Ann Coulter, Donald Rumsfeld, Condoleeza Rice, Eliot Spitzer, Bill Frist, and of course, Dubbya.  (Right-wingers ... you might want to pass on this one.)

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