Having played in the high-energy, free-wheeling Gil Evans Orchestra for 15 years through the '70s and '80s, keyboardist Pete Levin was missing Gil, the band, the musicians, the life-long friends and colleagues.  On a whim, he called 10 alumni of Gil's band - mostly players from the '70s edition of the band - got a set's-worth of charts together, and booked a night at The Cutting Room in New York City.  The band was billed as "The Monday Night Band" reminiscent of the years when Gil and the band played every Monday night in New York City's Greenwich Village jazz clubs when they weren't touring. The reunion band featured 6 dynamic horn players whose individual soloing styles Gil was especially fond of: John Clark, Chris Hunter, Alex Foster, Lew Soloff, Tom Malone and Dave Bargeron.  At that 2014 reunion, they fell right back into the old routine and spirit, playing a roaring 2-hour set to a packed house.  The show was documented on video and a multi-track recording.
Dormant for almost 10 years and the recording never having been released, Pete got an offer to bring the band to Europe to perform at 2 major summer jazz festivals.  Reminiscent of The Blues Brothers, it was time to be "putting the band back together!" So its all good news: 
    12 July, Estival Jazz in Lugano Switzerland
    15 July, Umbria Jazz in Perugia, Italy
Perugia will be a special treat.  The guys all played there many times with Gil over the years, including some memorable shows where Sting and Van Morrison sat in with the band.  Additionally, the 2014 recording made at The Cutting Room show has been mixed and mastered, and will be released this summer.  Its all good!  Looking ahead, the band hopes to do some U.S. shows later this year and in 2025.  Stay tuned.

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Photos below, as well as links to some Youtube videos from The Cutting Room.

Pete, introducing the band between songs

Coming, this summer, on

Video from the 2014 Cutting Room show

The horn section: John Clark, Chris Hunter, Alex Foster, Lew Soloff, Tom "Bones" Malone, Dave Bargeron

Lew, busting Dave's chops

Danny Gottlieb & Mark Egan

Alex Foster soloing

Lew Soloff soloing

Rhythm section: Beth Gottlieb, Danny Gottlieb, Mark Egan, Dave Stryker

Pete and the horns

Remembering our friend
Lew Soloff  (1944-2015)


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