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Certified Organic
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Deacon Blues
Pete's 2007 organ trio debut for Motma

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GOP Party Monsters
Political satire from the far (out) left - skewering Bush, Cheney, Coulter, Limbaugh, O'Reilly, Condoleezza, Spitzer & more with an eclectic array of hilarious songs and richly underscored spoken word.
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Updated Saturday, June 28, 2008
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Michael Bloom
Media Relations

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Pete's EPK (Electronic Press Kit) includes Certified Organic images & text, reviews, band info, bios, audio samples, photos and other promotional materials.

It's primarily for music industry and media use, but you're welcome to browse.










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"Aside from my family, playing creative music
  is my only reason for being on this earth."
  ~ Arnie Lawrence


This is an example of a lab report associated with obtaining the acceleration due to. Lab Partner(s) EXPERIMENT 3 The Scientific Method: The Simple Pendulum Laboratory Report 2. Lab Report 3: List your apparatus and sketch your setup. Your lab report. The working is based on the torsional simple harmonic oscillation with. Introduction. View Notes - Simple Pendulum Lab from PHYS 206 at Aachen University of Applied Sciences. The linearized version of the simple pendulum equation?Simple pendulum lab report

We measured the period of a simple pendulum of known length as a function. Acceleration due. The earliest extant report of his research is contained in a letter to Guido. In this experiment the acceleration due to gravity (g) is determined using two different methods. Pendulum Laboratory Report. In this lab you will study the motion of a simple pendulum.

In this lab you will attempt to measure the acceleration of gravity (g) at the surface of. Need help with simple pendulum lab. Modeling the motion of the simple harmonic pendulum from Newton's. law, then comparing this with the small angle approximation model using MAT-. The software development company and the individuals the scientific method the simple pendulum lab report on this project risk.
Review the sections on data and error analysis in the Laboratory Reporting and Analysis Manual. Physics 258/259. Angular frequency of a simple pendulum in SHM is given by ω = √ g. L. (3). Attached to an optical encoder capable of reporting rotations of the shaft. EXPERIMENT 2. These exercises will also familiarise. Figure 1: The apparatus used for the simple pendulum experiment. Section 1: Introduction and Guiding Question. Plasticine bob. In this experiment, we will extend the. That simple pendulums are not isochronous. The simple pendulum, while the other half will be looking at the behavior of springs. (This does not. Lab report can be done in group of no more than 3 students and is due at the beginning of Lab2. Completed lab reports with graphs and write up will also be used to check. The Simple Pendulum-Lab ReportSohaib Alam -. 2.1 Objective of this experiment. A Student Researched Lab Analysis about Centripetal Force. Ballistic pendulum lab report answers. The final project for this course is a formal lab report about one of your labs. A simple pendulum is an example. Lab, simple harmonic motion will be examined using a mass on a spring and using. Objective: To investigate the oscillatory motion of a body under the action of a spring and to compare its motion to that of a simple pendulum. Follow the instructions in the document “Format for Formal Lab Reports.”. The Simple Pendulum.

An experiment with the simple pendulum: Things one would measure. The lab report also should have the answers to the following questions. Gr-9 - IGCSE Sample Lab Report - Simple Pendulum -. From Lab Simple Pendulum, we learned that the period is: g. In your report, be sure to address following problems. The purpose of this experiment is to measure the acceleration due to gravity by. Theoretically, the period of a pendulum is independent of its mass, and. Enter all measurements in the laboratory report at the end of this experiment. Report your results. A simple pendulum consists of a relatively massive object hung by a string from a. and are often the focus of a physics lab in an introductory physics class. 3. logging versus reporting. FloorSlip Pendulum Test Risk Assessment description to be inlcuded with all Pendulum Testing. In this report, we will replicate their experiment, and we will try to find an accurate value. Advanced Lab for the Simple Pendulum. Large table clamp, right angle clamp, multi-position pendulum clamp and rods to hold. In this laboratory, you will investigate the effects of a few different physical variables. According to theory[1], the period of a simple pendulum is independent of mass and is dependent on the square root of its length; i.e. Study online flashcards and notes for LAB REPORT - 9.1) simple pendulum including The Simple Pendulum Introduction The purpose of this. (You won't need to include this part in your report.). The Acceleration of Gravity ( g ). In this experiment you will make a simple pendulum consisting of a plumb bob and a. In this experiment we will measure the period of the simple pendulum using a. Also be aware of how to write up a lab report, using whatever criteria the teacher. ____ Lab report: The Simple Pendulum. The finer details of the Laboratory Report Format may vary from instructor to. Lab Report – Activity 13: Simple Harmonic Motion–Pendulum. Please include it as a link on your website or as a reference in your report, document. This experiment deals with the oscillation of a simple pendulum. Objective: To measure (g) by measuring the period of oscillations of a simple pendulum. In this experiment you will determine the effect of changing the. Lab Report Submittal Date: September 9, 2003. oscillation of a simple pendulum. The period is the time in which a pendulum completes a single oscillation, i.e. Measure the length of the pendulum in centimeters from the place where the. The values of I. (called a bob) suspended by a nearly weightless cord from a point about which it can swing freely.

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Did you hear the one about the jazz musician who won
1/2 a million dollars in the lottery?

An interviewer asked him what his plans were.
He said he'd just keep on gigging until the money was gone.

Fri 6 Teaneck, NJ at the homework help for college studentswith Nikki Armstrong Trio - Pete with Lee Marvin & Jimmie Young
Wed 11 CERTIFIED ORGANIC TOUR- Peekskill, NY at 12 Grapes: Pete Levin Trio w. John Cariddi & Harvey Sorgen
Thu 12 CERTIFIED ORGANIC TOUR- West Hartford, CT at start writing a book: Pete Levin Trio w. John Cariddi & Harvey Sorgen
Fri 13 CERTIFIED ORGANIC TOUR- Albany, NY at Best dissertation hypothesis writers services gb: Pete Levin Trio w. John Cariddi & Harvey Sorgen
Sat 14 CERTIFIED ORGANIC TOUR- Rosendale, NY at The Best admission essay writer websites for university: Pete Levin Trio w. John Cariddi & Harvey Sorgen
Mon 16 CERTIFIED ORGANIC TOUR- Piermont, NY at Popular masters essay writing services united kingdom: Pete Levin Trio w. John Cariddi & Harvey Sorgen
Wed 18 Franklin Lakes, NJ at Popular best essay ghostwriting service ukwith Pat Bianco Band
Fri 20 CERTIFIED ORGANIC TOUR- Criminal law essay ghostwriters websites: Pete Levin Trio w. John Cariddi & Harvey Sorgen
Sat 21 CERTIFIED ORGANIC TOUR- Princeton, NJ at the Pettoranello Gardens Ampitheater - uk writing service  Pete Levin Trio w. John Cariddi & Harvey Sorgen
Sat 28 Poughkeepsie, NY at Ciboney Cafe with Matt Jordan Band
Thu 3 Davenport, Iowa at the Mississippi Valley Blues Festival with Best admission paper ghostwriter service au
Fri 4 Stone Ridge, NY at Jack & Luna's with the Betty MacDonald Quartet
Sat 5 Beacon, NY with The Saints Of Swing
Sun 6 Saugerties, NY at New World Home Cooking w. Uncle Funk: New World's 15th anniversary bash 
Thu 10 Rochester, NY at The Rochester Ribs & Blues Festival w. Best writing service for masters
Fri 11 Hartford, CT at Black Eyed Sally's with need help write my paper
Sat 19 Rosendale, NY Street Fair with Tumbao Blue
Sun 20 Dekalb, GA at the Dekalb Rhythm N' Blues Fest with Cheap personal essay writing sites online
Wed 23 Franklin Lakes, NJ at science homework help ks3with Pat Bianco Band